Reducing Your DUI Car Insurance Payments in North Carolina

Reducing Your DUI Car Insurance Payments in North Carolina

DUI Car Insurance Payments North CarolinaNorth Carolina DUI car insurance can be very costly unless you go to The DUI Insurance Guy. As a way of reducing your auto insurance rates you need to make sure you try to qualify for North Carolina DUI insurance discounts where possible. Below are some ways you can reduce the DUI insurance payments.
Improving your driving skills

The most effective way to minimize the car insurance payment is not to be viewed as a high risk North Carolina driver. To show the insurance firms that you are not a high risk driver you should prevent any North Carolina traffic violations. This involves avoiding auto accidents, speeding tickets and parking violations. By keeping your North Carolina driving record clean, you stand high chances of reducing your DUI insurance payments.

Enroll in North Carolina defensive driving courses

As you avoid traffic violations, you can minimize the North Carolina DUI car insurance by undertaking defensive courses. This could save you between 5-15 percent of your insurance bill. After completing the course, you need to contact your DUI insurance provider in North Carolina to apply for the discount for three years after which you can take the driving course again to get the reduction. If at all possible, it is better to take an online course because it is convenient and cheaper.

Increase your deductible

A deductible refers to what you pay from your pocket before your DUI insurance kicks in. If you ask for high deductible on your North Carolina DUI insurance policy, you will be able to have your car insurance reduced. Before you make this decision to have a higher deductible, you should ensure you have enough money set aside in your budget for the car accident claim.

Own and Drive vehicles that are safer

Most of the insurance firms will offer you a reduction if your car has specific safety features installed in it. This lowers the chances of getting involved into a car accident and makes the DUI insurance company have an advantage in terms of auto accident and personal injury settlement in North Carolina. Some of the safety features that DUI insurance companies look for include:

  • Car alarm
  • Air bags
  • Ignition device lock
  • Automatic seat belts
  • Steering wheel lock
  • Anti-lock breaks

Maintain positive credit

By having a good credit, you may reduce your DUI insurance payments. Insurance firms make use of credit information to determine how to price your car DUI insurance policies. You can keep a good credit by paying your bills on time, avoiding many credit lines and keeping your credit balance low. You can also search online to find other ways on how you can improve your credit score.

Despite the fact that paying for DUI auto insurance in North Carolina is expensive, by following the tips given above, you will show your DUI insurance policy provider you have high level of responsibility. This will go a long way in lowering your monthly payments in North Carolina.

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