How a DUI affects your car insurance in N.C.

How a DUI affects your car insurance in N.C.

Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a serious offense, and will result in a suspension of your driver’s license. How a DUI affects your car insuranceIn order to reinstate your license when your suspension is over, you have to be able to show proof that you have a car insurance policy which satisfies your state’s minimum liability coverage. In most states, this means you deliver an SR22 proof of insurance form to your department of motor vehicles so the agency can verify you are legally insured before giving you your license. In order to reinstate your license you will need to take some steps with your insurance company:

  • Figure out the affect your DUI has on your insurance
  • Agree to a DUI car insurance plan
  • Get an SR22 insurance form verifying you are insured
  • Present the SR22 insurance form to your DMV

A DUI Arrest WILL Change Your Car Insurance Policy

You will likely be classified as a high risk car insurance driver. Your current car insurance carrier may either cancel your policy or require you to pay an increased monthly premium in order to get minimum car insurance required for driving. You have to contact your car insurance carrier and obtain a valid car insurance policy at their new rates, or find a new car insurance company that has a minimum rate you can afford given your DUI.

This process is unavoidable because you will not be able to get your driver’s license reinstated without an SR22 insurance form provided by a car insurance company that verifies you have a valid car insurance policy. An SR22 insurance form is a necessary document completed by your car insurance company that serves as proof of insurance for high risk car insurance drivers.

After you have your SR22 insurance form verifying a valid policy, you are required to take the SR22 insurance form to your local DMV before the agency will reinstate your driver’s license. Be sure to discuss your state laws regarding SR22 insurance forms with your insurance company so they provide you with the paperwork you need to get your license reinstated.

If Car Insurance Company Cancels Your Coverage, Start Shopping!

Not all insurance companies offer DUI insurance, and if your car insurance policy is canceled as a result of your DUI conviction in North Carolina, then you will be unable to obtain the necessary SR22 insurance form from that carrier. In some states, insurers can’t cut you off in the middle of the policy term, so be sure to check on the laws where you live if your car insurance company denies you the SR22 insurance form that you need to get your license reinstated.

If your policy is properly canceled or non-renewed, you will still be able to find car insurance by shopping for a new car insurance policy. Regardless of what new carrier you find, you rates will most certainly be higher because you are a high risk car insurance driver. To find new DUI insurance that will provide an insurance plan, and fill out an SR22 insurance form that will allow you to get your license reinstated, you will need to obtain several car insurance quotes and compare them to find the best price. This way you can find the best car insurance rates, and get an SR22 insurance form as quickly as possible.

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