How a DUI Conviction Affects Your North Carolina Car Insurance

How a DUI Conviction Affects Your North Carolina Car Insurance

DUI Conviction Affects Your North Carolina Car InsuranceGetting automobile insurance for those who have been charged with DUI / DWI, driving under the influence of drugs (DUID), or any other type of drinking and driving charge is a large problem. A lot of auto insurance carriers will decline coverage for someone who has either been convicted of drunk driving, or has had a DMV action sustained compared with their driving privileges. The DUI Insurance Guy can help you out and get you back on the road

It is essential for anyone charged with any drunk driving offense to get professional advice regarding their car insurance situation, just as they need help with their legal situation, and the DUI Insurance Guy is the professional you want to get an insurance quote from and use. Although every insured appreciates the financial strength and support from a large auto insurance company, many national car insurance companies will turn down people right away when they learn of a DUI / DWI problem looming. If a conviction has taken place, or is unavoidable, this will allow extra time to strategize. Let us help you with this so you get the professional and knowledgeable assistance you will need.

As well as the problems in getting car North Carolina insurance coverage in the wake of a DUI / DWI arrest, there are other auto insurance needs that only apply following a drunk driving conviction or DMV license suspension action. These needs include the filing of an SR-22 Proof of Insurance Certificate in some states. An SR-22 Proof of Insurance Certificate is more than the typical insurance card that is sent by auto insurance companies. The SR-22 Insurance Certificate is only needed by those who have been convicted of driving under the influence, or been the subject of a DMV Administrative Action.

Because there is no reason except a DUI / DWI for a driver to need an SR-22, asking one from your insurance carrier will be a red flag that there is a pending action or drunk driving conviction to attribute into any insurance quote. This is another reason why it is crucial to meet with an insurance professional like the DUI Insurance Guy to get the best possible advice about how to handle insurance needs during the time of a drinking and driving arrest, conviction, or administrative action.

If you, or a loving family member has been arrested for DUI / DWI, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUID), or any drinking and driving crime, please look into getting a free car insurance quote and expert advice from the DUI Insurance Guy.

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