I Got a DUI in NC. Can I Still Get Car Insurance?

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I Got a DUI in NC. Can I Still Get Car Insurance?

Getting a DUI is a hassle on so many levels. You can go from happily having a couple drinks with friends to a world of pain in no time flat. One of the issues you’ll have to deal with is maintaining car insurance. Many are under the impression that they will be simply canceled by their insurance policy provider and unable to find a new company to insure them. This is not the case.

DUI in NCAlthough you should be able to find insurance, there are some unavoidable truths to face. Once you are convicted of a DUI, you are given a high-risk driver designation which causes immediate consequences. In most states, once your license is reinstated you are required to acquire an S-22 form, but not in North Carolina. This form is proof that the high-risk driver has insurance. Because one has to get this form from their insurance companies, usually they will know exactly why you needed this and about your DUI.

In North Carolina however, they do not need this form but your insurance company will still find out eventually. Once they do, they are legally not allowed to cancel your policy mid-term. Both of these policies are to your advantage. But, when they do find out about the DUI, you can expect your insurance rates to double and you could likely be dropped altogether from that provider. There are other options, though.

Non-standard providers specialize in DUI insurance and other high-risk drivers who have trouble getting affordable insurance, or any insurance, from the main providers. A DUI stays on your record for up to ten years so it could affect your situation for many years to come. However, many are able to get back to normal rates after about five years. This can feel like a long time to pay these higher rates, but non-standard insurance carriers can make this process easier and have specifically tailored their businesses to deal with this unfortunate circumstance many find themselves in.

The DUI Insurance Guy is one such non-standard insurance carrier in North Carolina and has years of experience getting people back out on the road with affordable rates. Your situation may not be optimal after a DUI but yes, you can get car insurance and there are great options of companies to that can provide it.

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