Do I need an Ignition Interlock Device

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Do I need an Ignition Interlock Device

An ignition interlock device is often required for repeat offenders or those arrested with a very high BAC, and they can make driving a lot more challenging.

How to Tell If You Need an Ignition Interlock Device

Whether it is your first offense DUI in NC or your third time dealing with DUI charges in NC, it is always unpleasant to consider facing the consequences. One of the most frustrating DUI consequences in NC is the idea of having to use an ignition interlock device after a conviction. Here are some important facts to know if you are dealing with a DUI arrest in NC and are worried about ignition interlock devices.

How Does an Ignition Interlock Work?

One of the many DUI costs in NC may be an ignition interlock device that is installed on your car’s dashboard. You have to blow into it and have your blood alcohol content (BAC) tested before the car will start. If you have a DUI conviction in NC with an excessively high BAC, the car will only start when your BAC is under .04. For those with multiple convictions, your BAC must register as 0 for the car to start.

What Types of Crimes Make NC Require Ignition Interlocks?

To figure out whether you need an ignition interlock device, it is helpful to know “What is a DUI in NC” and “Is a DUI a felony in NC.” In the state of NC, you can be convicted of a DUI if driving with a BAC above 0 as a person under 21, driving with a BAC above .08, or driving a commercial vehicle with a BAC above .04. You may face extra felony charges if you are convicted of three DUI offenses within seven years or if you are responsible for a death while driving. Anyone who had a felony conviction may end up with a device, but you can even be required to use it before you reach the stage of a felony. People who are convicted of two DUIs within seven years have to use the device. Even if it is your first offense DUI in NC, you have to use the device if you registered more than .15 on the BAC test.

Being convicted of a DUI can lead to all sorts of consequences, including higher car insurance quotes in NC and the installation of ignition interlock devices, so always exercise safe driving practices.